The perfect solution for conference calls

Konferenco allows you to have a phone conversation with several people at the same time. Participants save a lot on traveling time and expenses as they don't have to travel at all. Konferenco is a dial in service. This means that each participant will call to one of the local access numbers of Konferenco.

Access codes

Your Konferenco-account has two access codes: a PIN code and a conference code. The chair person uses the PIN code to access the conference call and the other participants use the conference code.
Your PIN code is private and should not be shared with anybody.

Teleconferencing with Konferenco is this easy

Step 1: inform the other participants

Send a message to all other participants containing at least the following information:

Step 2: Start your conference call

Everyone calls one of the dial-in numbers and logs in with an access code. This is for:

  • the chairperson: the pin code
  • all other participants: the conference code

Participants will hear a waiting music as long as the chairperson is not present .

Hint! The Teleconference guide provides a lot of general information about teleconferencing.