Free conference calls

Konferenco is simple to use and excels in sound quality. Completely free for up to 3 lines. Need more? For a low fixed monthly fee you can add more lines. You may teleconference as often as you like. Konferenco has local access numbers in several countries.

Permanent access codes

Reservationless teleconferencing

Always and anywhere teleconferencing

Register for a free account and receive personal access codes for unlimited conference calls.

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Local access numbers in several countries

Konferenco offers local access numbers in several countries for the account types Medium en Large. No surcharges are related to the use of these numbers.
Free and Small account owners may use a local access number in one country.

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Simple price plan and inexpensive

Example: unlimited conference calls with up to 5 lines for just € 9.95 per month.


Is three lines sufficient for your? Our Free account will do. That is free conference calling!
The largest account offers unlimited conference calling with up to 50 parties and costs only € 29.95 per month. That's all - no usage or connection fees.

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