Free conference calls

Completely free for up to 3 lines. Need more? For a low fixed monthly fee you can add more lines. You may teleconference as often as you like. Konferenco has local access numbers in several countries and performs excellent in availability and sound quality.

Flat fee conference calls
No unexpected expenses

Flat fee conferencing: unlimited conference calling for a fixed price

Avoid unexpected high invoices with Konferenco. Perform as many conference calls as you like for a fixed low monthly fee. Up to three lines this is even free! Five lines only costs € 9.95 per month and the most comprehensive account only costs € 29.95 per month. You than have 50 lines at your disposal.

You may up- or downgrade your account at any time. For downgrades a notice period of 1 month applies. Furthermore there are no obligations.

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Local access numbers in different countries

Konferenco offers local access number in different countries for account-types Medium en Large. No surcharge applies to the use of the numbers. Users of Free and Small accounts can use a local access number in one country.

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Permanent access codes
Reservationless teleconferencing

Teleconferences always and anywhere

Create a free account now and receive permanent access codes that allow you to teleconference unlimited and without reservations.

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Konferenco keeps things simple

Konferenco is simple and effective

Konferenco keeps things simple and does not bore you with functions you will not use. But don't be misled, Konferenco does exactly what is should do and is your reliable partner for your conference calls. Efficient and effectively.

Lots of quality for little money
Excellent price/performance ratio

Quality need not be expensive

Konferenco is not skimping on quality. It uses the newConference's technology which is the benchmark when it comes to audio conferencing. The network is redundant, guaranteeing the highest availability.